Contract Staffing

LinkLife contract or temporary staffing gives both the customer and candidate the flexibility and choice that is so often needed. The skills and expertise offered by LinkLife contract and temporary staff is highly valued by organisations that see the employment of short to medium term workers as a crucial element in their recruitment planning. At LinkLife, we match the right customer assignment and contract with the right candidate.

Contracting with Link Life for the customer

  • Improve Productivity - Workers when and where you need them
  • Hard Working Staff - Motivated workers
  • Skilled Employees - Matching expertise to the job
  • No Administration or Payroll Problems - LinkLife is responsible for payroll, NIC, and employment documentation
  • Client Focus - Customer relationships are permanent
  • A Totally Tailored Service - Specific customer site needs are met

Contracting with Link Life for the candidate

  • Choice - A flexible career
  • Variety - Build your experience
  • Security - Paid regularly and on time
  • Benefits - Full statutory NIC, PAYE, holiday, and sickness compliance
  • References - A documented record of your work
  • Work in the UK - Ensure all UK legal requirements are met