Permanent Staffing

LinkLife provides a professional permanent recruitment service. Listening carefully to the needs of the customer, jobs are specified to match both the work requirements and the company’s environment and business culture. The time, expense and strain experienced by recruitment, advertising and interviewing is taken care of by LinkLife. Candidates are carefully screened to ensure that both customers and candidates have the opportunity to meet their recruitment and career expectations. If you are seeking a permanent recruitment placement, LinkLife have access to the career and talents you require.

Permanent recruitment for the employer

  • Tailored to your Individual Needs - Detailed job specification service
  • Reduce Staff Search Downtime - Remove the strain from advertising and screening job applicants
  • Match your Skill Requirement - Full CV and qualification screening to provide a candidate shortlist
  • Professional Service and Advice - Job specification modifications and salary benchmarks

Permanent recruitment for the candidate

  • Career Guidance
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Advice
  • Job Identification - Matching skills to job specification
  • Pre Interview Preparation - Company knowledge before application and interview
  • Interview Organisation - A mutually agreed time and place
  • Interview Feedback - Help in achieving desired results
  • Salary Negotiation - Ensure realistic salary expectations are achieved